Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A New Kind of Fashion... (Part Two)

We're BACK! Let's get started!

I'm gonna do this demonstration with my new Curve 8900. If you have one, this may look familiar to you.

*This is your default theme and it is the ugliest thing I have seen on a Berry, ever. I cannot have any of you continue along this path of fashion suicide. It's time to switch it up.*

Step #1: Find a website that has themes.

For the sake of this article, I am going to use Nancy Drew Themes website for my point of reference.

*Welcome to NancyDrewThemes.com! This website is very easy to navigate and Nancy Drew has themes that tickle my little Princess Lola fancy! Maybe not the best for you, fellas, but there are other websites for you!*

Step #2: Select the theme of your liking.

In this case, I am choosing the Hello Kitty theme that is like second on her page. Don't get it twisted, yall, there are some sites that you gotta get into and dig around like discount shopping in bargain bins. I'm gonna let yall experience that one yourselves, though.

*The power words to look for are "FREE OTA". What this means is "FREE" and "easily downloaded onto your device". "OTA" is "over the air", meaning that all one has to do is visit the link from their phone, or email the link to the email addy on their phone, and get the theme without a computer. Zip files are always an option, also, but if you aren't familiar with D.M. (Desktop Manager), I wouldn't recommend it.*

Step #3: Click on the download link.

Because this link leads you directly to enslyv.com, there will be some registering taking place. It will ask your for your name and email addy and blah, blah, blah. It is all a minor technicality that you WILL encounter frequently. I am not going through the registration process. It is pretty self-explanatory.

*Post registration, this is where you end up. I took three screen shots so that you get the full effect of scrolling down on the page. On the last shot you will observe the actual OTA links.*

Step #4: Select the appropriate OTA link! **Be advised: This link must be selected from your Berry or it will not work!**

When selecting your OTA links, you must be sure that they match your device, both, in operating system, as well as model number. The sites you will visit will be specific about which OTA links are for which phones. In this case, Nancy Drew only does themes for the Curves 8900 and 83xx, as well as the Bold.

*These are the OTA links, up close and personal. There are two. I will select the on that says "8900_hellopeace" because it is indicative of the Curve 8900 we are working with. Once again, I will remind you that there are TWO ways to use these OTA links and but ONE place to do it. You must either copy, paste and email the OTA link to the addy on your Berry, or visit the site from your phone browser. You CANNOT access it from your computer.*

*This is what you will see when the link is selected from your phone. Select the download button and you are well on your way to downloading your first theme.*

Step #5: Once the download is complete, apply your new theme.

If you downloaded the appropriate link, this next part should be a breeze.

*Select "Options" from your main menu and, once there, scroll down until you get to "Theme".*

*The "Theme" menu will look like this, once inside. Select your new theme, in order to apply it.*

*...And this is what success looks like!!*

Themes are a very fun way to express yourself! Once you get through it once, it will be like breathing. FAR too easy! (LOL) I'm gonna give you guys a few links so that you can shop around and find something very uniquely you and not so... Uniquely me!

And last but not least, our example of the day...

If you have any additional questions, you know how to find me! Hit me on the business Berry!

Email: loislolalane@loislanereviews.com
Twitter: twitter.com/lois_lola_lane
Facebook: Lois Lola Lane


The Kanye West Louis Vuttion shoes are set to release in July

i'm on the list to purchase a pair of the Kanye West high-top LV shoes pictured below but I'm not sure if I will get them due to the price tag during today's economy, $1,000 is a bit pricey for a retail launch,I now also want a few of the other shoes pictured below since viewing these pics

Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Awards dedicated to Michael Jackson

I was only somewhat impressed with BET for their tribute, the reason why im not completely impressed is because they let a lot of ignorance slip through last night, you're a well established television network, how can you be so freakin sloppy? I won't post any videos of the crap that upset many people because I want to honor MJ so I will post the most defining moment of the night when his sister Janet took the stage, This moment will bring your tears up from deep within if your a fan like many of us

Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P to the Legend and my idol Michael Jackson

I'm sure many of you already know whats goin on since its on every channel, but I just wanna show some love to the King of Pop here on www.TerryMcfly.com, We Miss you Michael, you are surely amongst the greats now

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spike Lee Blazers

Wow Spike Lee is the man, first he got his own Jordans and now he's branching off into his own Nikes of all sorts, Here are some Spike Lee Nike Blazers tthat will be released soon

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tommorow I will be celebrating 2 holidays

We will not only be celebrating Father's Day but we will also be celebrating National Go Skateboarding Day, I know Tony Hawk is gonna be happy since he's a dad and a skater lol

Happy Go Skateboarding Day everyone, hit me up on twitter and let me know where you will be

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nike Air Max Uptempo Retro

Here are some dope Air Maxes I found, I may have to cop these cuz they are quite nice

The Return of the Wings

So the Jeremy Scott adidas are finally back and this time in silver, I missed the gold pair but i prefer silver anyway so i may have to get these. They release in October.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Berry Fashions is BACK!!

Hey, loves!! Ms. Lane, here, bringing back the long awaited Berry Fashions column!! Only the best, as usual!

I want to start out by refreshing your memory about a piece I did on Colorware. It was the slightly pricy option for color customization of your Berry. Well, if you are feeling bold enough, you can do the installation yourself with nothing but $59.99! How?? Well, the seller legendzonetrade has a large inventory of colored housing for BlackBerry devices and it is actually very impressive. It looks just like a Colorware job, only a lot more recession friendly!! The housing includes everything but the trackball! To purchase, or check out his inventory, click here!

If you want to move on from the traditional trackball, you can also swap it out. I did a review on my site about colored trackballs and my readers LOVED it. Several purchased them and I have heard nothing but good things. The E-Bay seller is giantpurpledog and his or her inventory is delightfully colorful and highly fashionable! They also come in at a very recession friendly $13.99!! Interested?? Check it out by clicking here!

Once again with the not so humble swag, I gotta hit you up with something shiny!! From the E-Bay seller Samsuniquestore, I bring you yet another crystal studded vision of flyness! There are a lot of different designs in their inventory, but I am going to give you pics of one that is so my swag and one that is a live shot from one of my fave sites for themes, NancyDrewThemes.com. Once again, if you're interested, click here!

*Pic courtesy of Nancy Drew*

Okay, guys, it's time to wrap it up!! First, I want to thank all the people who helped contribute to this article. Shout outs to legendzonetrade, giantpurpledog, Samsuniquestore and Nancy Drew!! If you purchase anything, tell them I sent you and send me pics! loislolalane@loislanereviews.com

Until next time, stay on top of your fashion game!

- Lola

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Inexcusable Blackberry Behavior

What's up, Berry lovers!! It's your technology diva, Lois Lane, here, with a little pet peeve of mine.

I need someone to please tell me how it is that a Berry owner switches out his or her phone and loses all of their contacts?? That should never happen. Guys, that is inexcusable Berry behavior, and I am here to bring a remedy to all of you who have suffered at the hands of the contact loss objects of torture.

In the box your Berry came in, there was software. If you got it from Big Red (Verizon), there were two different kinds-- VZ something or other for tethering your Berry and your Desktop Manager software. Please do not ignore software that comes in your boxes, guys. That is like forgetting to breathe!! That is especially true in the case of Desktop Manager. If you have tossed this disk aside, I implore you, drag your ass into the back of your closet and get it. This is why...

With Desktop Manager, you can do the following:

-Back up all of your contacts, text messages, applications, BBM pins and even the exact settings you set on your Berry.
-Should you end up with a new Berry, for one reason or another, all you would have to do is transfer your information from one Berry to the next. Everything, from your ringtone to your background picture, will be identical to that of your first one. You won't even have to update your BBM contacts with the new pin number! Everyone's phone will be updated with your new pin and you have no work to do.
-Perform firmware updates on your device.
-Add and remove items from your phone.

And much more!! So when you are finished reading this, go find that disk!! Should you be unable to find that disk, hit me up and we will find your DM software online so that you download it, ASAP!!



@lois_lola_lane on Twitter

Later, guys!


New Supra Vaiders

Now I havent copped any Supras lately but I was plannin on gettin the new TK's, but since I saw these Vaiders now imma have to add these to my list, the materials used on the kicks is crazy dope to me

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's True!! T-Mo Has Been Hacked!!

Lois Lane back again!! It appears T-Mo has made something of an admission!

Here's an update, courtesy of The Washington Post newspaper, released at 10:32 pm, this evening.

The statement from T-Mo is as follows:

"Regarding the recent claim on a Web site, we've identified the document from which information was copied, and believe possession of this alone is not enough to cause harm to our customers. We continue to investigate the matter, and have taken additional precautionary measures to further ensure our customers' information and our systems are protected. At this moment, we are unable to disclose additional information in order to protect the integrity of the investigation, but customers can be assured if there is any evidence that customer information has been compromised, we would inform those affected as quickly as possible."

Basically, this means that it is true. T-Mo was hacked and they did lose some of our information, in the process. They, naturally, are not ready to say that this is a bad thing. They would love to save face and say they did get hacked, but it isn't that serious. However, I would be inclined to say that if someone would go through all the trouble to hack into your system they would not steal useless information. They have made the admission and now they need to handle this situation, appropriately.

I'm keeping my ear to the streets and any further developments will be yours as soon as I can get my hands on it!

Until later,

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Official video release of Kanye's "Paranoid"

Ok so the version I posted last week wasnt the official release according to Mr.West himself, so here is the official final version finally, I must say I am impressed because this one is better by far

Release Reminder: Air Yeezy Net/Net

This saturday, the third colorway of the Air Yeezys release, I dont really like this colorway because they look like band-aids lol, but I do in fact like the idea of the glow in the dark swoosh, that stupid lil swoosh is the only reason why I would want this colorway

-pic via hypebeast

Black Wii anyone?

I should've waited to buy a Wii cuz i never even play it. And now i wish I wouldve really waited because there is a black version comin out and it looks dope, if anyone wants to buy a wii then I will gladly sell you mines when this comes out..this will look perfect with my black xbox360 and black PS3, Black Power LOL

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Supras!!

Ok so everyone knows I love me some Supras, so here's the 2 new colorways that just released, im thinkin about gettin the multi colored joints because they look different and i like the kicks that stand out

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Gadget: The PSP GO

ok so Sony will be releasing a new psp, there's just one problem, where the F do you put the games? There is no place to put the games because you have to download them all now, thats good because you get faster loading and less luggage, but then again that sucks for those of us that bought a ton of PSP games for the previous versions, anyway PSP was goin downhill so this new system probly will go un-touched lol

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