Monday, February 24, 2014

Video: The Lion Whisperer

This is one of those videos where you have to see it to believe it. The GoPro production crew journeyed to Africa to explore the danger and beauty of Kevin Richardson's passion for lions and their future. This video will literally leave you speechless. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Music: "Younger" By Jay Watts (Produced By Myles.William)

A new track from 22 year old New Jersey based artist/producer Jay Watts. This is the first release from his upcoming Last Wonder of the World EP, which is set to release May 2014. For more info about Jay Watts or if you just want to let him know your thoughts about this track, hit him up on twitter (@JayWatts_).

Saturday, February 8, 2014

"New York Fashion Week Men's Day" Presented By Cadillac

During New York Fashion Week A/W 2014, Cadillac held it's first of a new ongoing bi-annual program dedicated to the support of the menswear industry called "New York Fashion Week Men's Day". Six brands presented their fall 2014 collections simultaneously over a two-hour period at Industria Studios in New York City.

The six brands that participated in 2014 Men's Day are:

  • Bespoken, GQ 2013 Best New Menswear Designer of the Year
  • Bosideng, Chinese menswear brand launching in America 2014
  • Carlos Campos, CFDA/VOGUE Fashion Fund Finalist 2011, FGI winner 2009
  • David Hart, FGI scholarship award recipient
  • Ernest Alexander, GQ 2013 Best New Menswear Designer of the Year
  • Lucio Castro, CFDA Incubator Program 2014-2016

NYFW: General Idea F/W 2014 Collection (Guest Reporter @StyleClosetLife)

Hey Everyone,

This is fashion stylist + blogger, Angela Denae of ( covering the General Idea Fall/Winter 2014 Runway Show for all of you Terry McFly readers!

Friday, February 7, 2014

SleepShield - A Better Night's Sleep With Your Technology

Let me start by asking you a question:
  • Do you know what Blue Light is? 

 Well for me the answer to this question above was "No". I have found countless articles on Blue Light and studies that have been done. One of the articles that stood out was by Chris Kresser:

"It is well established that short-wavelength or “blue” light is the most melatonin-suppressive; this is the type of light typically emitted by devices such as televisions, computer screens, and cellphones. (14, 15) To produce white light, these electronic devices must emit light at short wavelengths, close to the peak sensitivity of melatonin suppression. (16) This means that products such as tablets, smartphones, and other devices with self-luminous electronic displays are major sources for suppressing melatonin at night, thereby reducing sleep duration and disrupting sleep"(Via How artificial light is wrecking your sleep by Chris Kresser)

Now that I have you a little scared and confused on why you have not heard of Blue Light before, there are many solutions. One of them is the SleepShield.
(Picture via

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Paper App... Stories From Facebook

Introducing Paper, a new app that helps you explore and share stories from friends and the world around you. According to Facebook, "Paper makes storytelling more beautiful with an immersive design and fullscreen, distraction-free layouts."

Your Paper is made of stories and themed sections, so you can follow your favorite interests.

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