Thursday, September 26, 2013

Has Your Twitter Account Been Hacked?

In the past few weeks a handful of my Twitter friends have been hacked. Usually a weird looking direct message will go out asking you to click on a link.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Music of Grand Theft Auto V: Three Volume Digital Album Now Available on iTunes

We've all been lost in GTA V over the past week, one of the most memorable game elements has definitely been the diverse game soundtrack. That great in-game music can now be enjoyed outside of Los Santos. The Music of Grand Theft Auto V, a trio of distinct albums from Grand Theft Auto V, are now available on iTunes for $9.99 each or as a full compilation for $24.99.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Conan O'Brien Plays & Reviews GTA V

During a segment of the 'Conan' show called Clueless Gamer, Conan plays the new Grand Theft Auto V videogame.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Unboxing: The iPhone 5s has ARRIVED!!!!

Everyone has some tradition they keep year after year. For me I have 2 that have been going strong for the past 6+ years. 1 - Taking a week off for Call of Duty when it releases. 2 - Getting the new iPhone on release date. As Call of Duty is still a couple of months away this means that I have picked up the new iPhone 5s.

I went to the AT&T store as I knew the Apple store was going to be insane. The AT&T store told us that they do not have any of the white (Silver\Gold) iPhone's. Only the Space Gray was available :\ From what I have heard even Apple stores barely have the white ones. I purchased the 32GB Space Gray + Apple Care. Apple Care is something I have had to get because replacing a cracked screen on the iPhone 5 and 5s is really expensive. They are more expensive then Apple care itself. Apple Care is $99 and covers the earpods, charger, charging wire, and iPhone for 2 years. It will cost me $50 to replace my iPhone if it gets damaged. I can only replace it twice.

Let's take a look at the iPhone 5s :)

Apple keeps its traditional style box

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Glance At iOS7 - Here's What's New!

Welcome to my very first blog post. My name is Adil Sheikh (@TheSheikh) and I am a certified Tech Nut or iNerd. I have owned every single iPhone on day of release. This may make you think all my blog post will be about Apple stuff. Not quite, I am also a big Android OS fan. Their partnership with Samsung has created some of the most amazing smartphones out there. I also have a small tiny part of my heart that likes Windows OS. Now what do I do in real life. I work for a pharmaceutical company supporting their Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. What is MDM? It is a tool that is used to lock down, control, encrypt, and enforce policies on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. I am also a video game geek.

Lets take a look at iOS7- 
(Picture from PCMAG)

This is the second major iOS release since the passing of Mr. Steve Jobs. Things have changed in Apple land as most of us can tell. The 'WOW' factor seems to be missing with Apple. But that may not be a bad thing. Apple has proven to consumers that they make great reliable products. iOS is the most stable smartphone OS out there and there is no denying that. Android makes a GREAT OS and has some amazing features, but the OS is not as stable as Apple's.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Style Blazer Interviews Terry McFly

While attending New York Fashion Week, I was stopped by Style Blazer to discuss Men's Fashion. The segment is called "Reel Street Style Men’s Fashion At NYFW" and it's a Style Blazer exclusive interview. Check it out! I make my appearance at the 2:43 mark if you don't have time to watch the entire piece.

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