Thursday, April 28, 2011

Video Premiere: "Words I Never Said" by Lupe Fiasco feat. Skylar

I'm glad Lupe decided to make a video for this song, its one of the most controversial tracks on his album. This is modern rebel music at its finest. I can see why he chose this song after what he's been through fighting to get his album released.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sony Android Tablets S1 & S2

Sony Corporation ("Sony"), announces "Sony Tablet" that delivers the perfect combination of hardware, content and network with seamless usability for a high-quality, engaging entertainment experience. Based on decades of engineering heritage, Sony is developing two tablets with unprecedented design, including S1 (codename) which is optimized for rich media entertainment and S2 (codename) which is ideal for mobile communication and entertainment. "Sony Tablet" will become available in the global market starting in fall 2011.

"Sony Tablet" is equipped with the latest Android 3.0 which is designed for devices with larger screen sizes, particularly tablets. Both tablets are WiFi and WAN (3G/4G) compatible and users can not only browse the internet or check e-mail but they can also smoothly access digital content including videos, games and books through Sony's premium network services and more, on-the-go at any time.

S1 has a 9.4-inch display for enjoying the web and rich content on a large screen. Its off-center of gravity design realizes stability and ease of grip as well as a sense of stability and lightness, offering comfortable use for hours.

S2 has two 5.5-inch displays that can be folded for easy portability. In contrast to existing tablets, its unprecedented dual screen presentation and usability allows its displays to be combined and used as a large screen or for different functions such as playing video on one screen while showing control buttons on the other.

"Android 3.0 is a new version of the Android platform with a new holographic user interface that is designed from the ground up for devices with larger screen sizes, particularly tablets. I'm excited about "Sony Tablet" as it will further spur the development of applications and network offerings which users are looking for." said Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President, Mobile, Google Inc.

With its off-center of gravity form factor, the 9.4-inch S1 offers stability and a sense of lightness, offering comfortable use for hours.
The dual screen S2 comes with two 5.5-inch displays which can be used together as one large screen to browse websites and more. They can also be used for different functions as users can watch a video on one screen and input commands on the other, or check email on one screen and use the other as a soft keyboard.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Event: The "ILLFUNKDAFIEDREVOLUTION" feat. Taz 'Ti$A' Arnold

There's a major event goin down in Jersey on May 7th 2011, a few of my friends have put together what may possibly be the event of the year. Check out the information and flyer below.

NJ street KLAN x IZATREND presents...


*3 Dimensions of Inspiration filled with moments of clarity*

Starchild citizens of the universe, we have returned to claim the pyramids partying on the mothership, gettin' down in 3-D, light year groovin' along the planet earth. Put a glide in your stride, dip in your hip, swing low, time to move on, come get down with the get down, steezy steelos no egos. The Revolution will not be telivised, but brought to you through the internet.


Pop-Up Shop/ Art Exhibit-Installations/ LIVE performances/ After Party/ Free Giveaways

DJ EZRAKH & DJ BONNIE DANGER will be taking you through light years in time, ahead of our time, expandin' your molecules causin' a friction fire burnin' you on your neutron causin' you to DANCE, GROOVE & SHAKE!

RIP TheRuler (RIPMC) will be your pilot for the gathering.

ALL AGEs are welcome to abourd the mothership.

3 Floors of FUN(NK)

The Revolution starts at 5 pm for the Pop-Up Shop & Art Gallery, The Funk starts at 8 pm for the Live Performances & Party.


-Art Gallery


-Performance Floor (stage)
-Basketball Arcade
-LIVE PERFORMAMCE BY: Taz Arnold, Moruf, & O.G.M. (NJstreetKLAN) and MORE!


-Pop-Up Shop
-DJ sets
-Photo Shoot
-Art Installations by Br'Ze, Konogo Mix, etc.


$20 Admission {GET YOUR ADVANCE TICKETS HERE---->>>>> Http:// <<<<-----

DIRECTIONS (NJ Transit/PATH train): coming from NY you can take the PATH train from Christopher Str., 9th, 14th, 23rd or 33rd. take it towards Journal Square, get off at Grove Str., tranfer to the Newark train witch will be on the same exact platform.

Exit out the front of Newark Penn Station to your left, make a right on Market Str., walk up a few blocks until you see the huge NJ Devils symbol where the Prudential Center is & it'll be on your left.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Terry's Mixtape Spotlight: My Top 3 Downloads for April

The underground music scene has been blossoming as of lately, I am quite impressed. Here are my Top 3 mixtapes that I can't stop listening to at the moment. The Must-Have album of the 3 is House of Balloons, it's really somethin fresh for the industry.

#1 #Returnof4Eva by Big K.R.I.T (Genre: Rap)

Big K.R.I.T is apart of the XXL Freshman class, he's a southern artist but not the typical artist. He brings the true essence of hip-hop in his music, its music with a message. I saw Big K.R.I.T perform live and I'm convinced he is the future of southern rap.

Download Big KRIT here

#2 House of Balloons by The Weeknd (Genre: R&B)

The Weeknd is a Toronto artist that Drake has been strongly endorsing. This mixtape is pretty good, I don't really know too much about The Weeknd but there is a youtube ( page with a collection of all his music for you to enjoy.

Download The Weeknd Here

#3 Nostalgia,Ultra by Frank Ocean (Genre: Rap,R&B)

I haven't completely finished listening to the Frank Ocean mixtape but this guy has generated quite a buzz for himself. He's a singer/songwriter that's affiliated with the popular group Odd Future. His mixtape is self-released and a few of his songs have already began to play on the radio.

Download Frank Ocean Here

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Make Some Noise for The Beastie Boys !

I know this song came out a few weeks ago but I'm just now hearing it and all I can say is wow!!!...its truly old school hip-hop. They even kept that old school distorted sound from the 80s that we all grew to love while aging with the rise of Hip-Hop. The Beastie Boys are back to claim their throne, check out the track below as well as some other interesting videos about their comeback.

Here's the trailer to their latest 30 minute short film, titled "Fight For Your Right Revisited", starring numerous celebrities, it's pretty funny.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Nike SB x Geoff McFetridge Paper Dunk High for MOCA

Nike SB has partnered with The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) and their “Art in the Streets” Exhibition, to create a skateable work of art.

Nike SB has also created 24 unique pairs of Paper Dunk Highs, each made from an original piece of Geoff McFetridge artwork. The shoes will be on display at MOCA’s retail space and will be auctioned on May 26, 2011 at 1pm

-via HighSnob

New Music: "GO" by Santigold feat. Karen O

Santigold, who is signed to Jigga’s Roc Nation Management, dropped a new track  called “GO” on the Life + Times site today, and she invited friends: The track features contributions from two-thirds of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Karen O provides  backing vocals, and Nick Zinner lends his trademark guitar noise), and the song was co-produced by Q-Tip, Switch and Santi herself.

Santigold describes the song thusly: “This song comments on the era we live in and the NEW American dream. The dream used to be that if you worked hard, and you were good at what you did, you could pave your own way in America and the sky was the limit. … However, things have changed. The NEW American Dream is to become rich and famous by happenstance – or sex tapes – and to get there with as little work or talent as possible. And as a result, we are suffering – though many of us don’t know it – as quality becomes a notion of the past. We’re ruining art, our planet, and our health, all due to our newfound obsession with instant gratification.”
-Via EW

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Nine Types of Light" The Movie by TV On The Radio

Nine Types of Light is as much an album as it is a movie by TV on the Radio. The movie is meant to be a visual re-imagining of the record, and includes a music video for every song on the album. The band personally asked their friends and the filmmakers they admired to help direct the music videos. Nine Types of Light, both the album and the movie are were released on April 12, 2011.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Video: Sole Search App Release Recap

Here's a visual of the scene from the party that took place over at Atrium in Soho two nights ago.

Friday, April 8, 2011

SoleSearch App Release Party @ Atrium NYC - 4.7.11 Recap

Last night, Atrium NYC hosted an app release party for sole search. The event was great, they offered free cocktails and sneaker giveaways. I won a pair of Chiv Culture sneakers, which was pretty cool because I planned on buying a pair anyway. This event was also a good networking opportunity, all the socialites and fashion experts were in the building exchanging business cards and contact information. Shoutout to the new Official photographer @NedpDa1, he was in the venue flicking it up, videos will be posted soon once he's done editing. More photos uploaded soon as well.

Clarks Original Slate Blue Desert Boot by Ronnie Fieg

Now that spring is here, its time to switch up the footwear, if you're into boots then you'll most likely be switching to a lighter boot, such as the Clark. Here's a special model of the Clark desert boot releasing at the David Z flagship (556 Broadway 212.431.5450) store today, April 8th. This shoe was designed by a friend, Mr.Ronnie Fieg. The shoes will retail for $92 and they're limited to 300 pair. Check out the images below, the shoes are being modeled by our friend Theophilus London.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Surreal Moment of Day: The Game That Came Back Home

I usually don't post personal stories on this site but this story was too surreal to not post it. Today, I went to a store called "Book-Off" in Manhattan, NY. "Book Off" is sort of like a Japanese pawn shop for music, movies, books, and video games. I usually find great deals on  popular games at the Book-Off, but my find today really blew me away. I found a copy of NBA Jam for Sega Genesis, it wasn't the game itself that was surprising though. The surreal moment was when I looked at the front of the box and noticed my initials. This copy of NBA Jam was my video game that I sold to a video game store in New Jersey back in the early 90s as a kid. I nearly fainted on the floor, I said Oh My God! what are the odds of me finding a game that I sold as a kid in an entirely different state in a different decade. My friend said I should definitely purchase it since it was a once in a lifetime occurrence. I bought the video game for 5 bucks and you can see the photo below with my initials on the bottom of the game from my childhood days. I still own my sega genesis too so hopefully I can get it to boot up lol.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vans Presents Pass The Bucket with Tony Alva

Here's a very moving video piece  from the people at Vans, being a skater myself this video really hit home. The message is powerful and it should be shared....
Considered to be one of the the most influential skateboarders of all time, Tony Alva, an original Z-Boy, hit a bottom 4 years ago battling drug addiction and alcoholism.  There, at his lowest point, his reliance on successes and ego came into perspective for the first time.  Tony's fight for sobriety and truth has recently lead him to a new perspective on life and direction moving forward. Dedicated to giving back Tony now see's passing the bucket as the only way out. 

For more information on how you can help support the children go to

Directed & Edited by Eliot Rausch

Music by:
SK Nava "Prognosis Negative
Russian Circles "Hexed All"
Moving Mountains "The Earth and the Sun"  

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