Thursday, April 30, 2009

Public Service Announcement..

Quote by one of my personal favorite designers Mr. Karl Lagerfeld.
xoxo- Jenn G.


Va$htie & her Jordan Cement 3 birthday cake..
She's so pretty! That cake idea is hot, I should've thought of this idea about 2 years ago for my 18th bday when I was a "sneakerhead".

Who looks this good to go to court? Especially in Louboutins! Go Tyra!

I guess Alicia Keys is back to her signature hairstyle.. Nice shoes though.

It was a theme party [Pepsi Throwback Party] so let's just ignore their outfits..
All eyes on Kim's Balenciaga bag please!

xoxo- Jenn G.

Recession Friendly Berry Fashions

What's up, Berry lovers!  Lois Lane, here, with my newest and most monetarily conscious fashion review, yet!

It's true.  Times are hard in America.  Our economy's down the tubes.  This whole swine flu thing has turned into a pandemic.  My car had a heat stroke on 22, yesterday.  We are at a crossroads where we must now do things we may not normally do...  This includes shopping on E-Bay!  Do I do it myself?  I could be moved to do it, if I weren't the impatient type who can't stand to wait for a package.  So with that being said, let's chop it up:

Plain and Classy

This case, by Auctiva, is so my style.  It's a hard rubber case, which is perfect for my clumsiness and it is imprinted with delicate flowers.  I think it would be better in pink, but for a VERY recession friendly $8.78, one cannot complain!  Can't imagine life without one?!  Here's where you can get it!

Pitbull in a Skirt

This is a very sweet, puppy paw imprinted, crystal studded case that doesn't quite scream "celebutante" but it definitely is for no "plain Jane".  This one is playful and shiny!  What more can a girl ask for??  A little pricier than the last case, this delicate beauty is still a very pocket-kind $24.99.  If you are an animal lover with a flair for the shine, you can get your very own, right here.

H.C.I.C. (Head Chick in Charge)

Oh, HELL yes!  This is only for the exclusive technology divas (like me).  This case is a crystal studded, crown bearing thing of beauty!  So, if you're the queen bee, the top chick, the baddest broad alive or any other expressions indicating that you have an ego in your possession and you are PROUD of it, this one is for you!!  At the same price as the one above, you can find yours here!

If you find anything that you think HAS to be featured here, just let your resident technology diva know about it and I will gladly feature it in my article!

E-mail me:
Follow me on Twitter: @lolabunnie
Check out my site:

Until next time, guys, stay away from that swine flu and remain on top of your fashion game!


Proof that Drake has offically reached the top

So its apparent that everybody has hopped on the Drake bandwagon but im not mad at him cuz he deserves the spotlight, he makes real music, we been supportin Drake here at since the new year, so here is video footage of a legend in the making, Enjoy!

Release Reminder: Air Yeezy Pink/Black

This is a reminder to all my viewers, The Air Yeezy's second colorway will be releasing this weekend on May 2nd so if you plan on coppin a pair then you better get in line now cuz trust me they been campin out since monday lol, sad but true


Christophe Decarnin the creator of The House of BALMAIN.

The man of the season.. The man responsible for the return of shoulder pads & military jackets.. His Winter 2008 & Spring 2009 collections have been a MAJOR hit for celebrities this year. Some people say his designs are starting to become a little over-rated. I personally loveeee this collection and hope to see more.

From the runway.....

To the streets, the red carpet, and movie premieres.

Beyonce, Kate Moss, Rihanna

The Satorialist. -Street fashionista.


Sarah Jessica Parker in Bailmain and Christian Louboutin<3>
A combination to dieeee for. Yes, it's that serious!

& As you may have already noticed.. One of the looks previously posted is also Bailmain.
Victoria Beckham(Spotted Trends).

I doubt any of us could afford this especially right now, but it's worth viewing his collection for fashion inspiration.

xoxo- Jenn G*

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spotted Trends.. Fashionable Celebrity Candids

Halle Berry
Spotted trends: *Little black dress.. You can never go wrong. (Even though her shoe game could've been better =x)
Fashion icon Victoria Beckham,
Spotted trends: *bleach splattered jeans, & classic blazer (Shoulder pads are back!)

Nicole Richie
Spotted Trends: *bleach splattered jeans, oversized top.

Spotted trends: Denim jacket, Linen bottoms.

Beyonce Knowles.
Spotted trends: *Her WHOLE outfit. =] Especially those YSL cage boots.

More coming soon.. stay tuned.
xoxo -Jenn G*

Ladies Spring/Summer 09 inspiration..

Here are some of the hottest trends of the season:
1. Strappy/Gladiator sandals & Basic Tees.

2. Cropped Trousers along with a pair of killer heels.

3. Floral prints, Bold colors/ Accent accessories.
3. Bleach Splattered Jeans.

4. Ripped Jeans.

5. Denim Jackets xoxo- Jenn G.

Welcoming JENN G..

Hi everyone! For those who don't know me I'm Jennifer (Terry's BFF) & the newest addition to this site. I am a former blogger so I do have experience in this. Decided to delete my personal blog a few months back due to the typical college student/employee schedule.

I was previously invited to contribute to this site, and finally decided to give it a shot. Summer time is coming so I will def have more time to keep you LADIES posted.

My main goal as a contributor to the site is to keep you girls up to date with the latest fashion, from runway to streetwear, celebrity style, recommended stores etc.... I hope you are all as excited as I am to see whats coming for =] stay tuned... We get better with time.

xoxo -*Jenn G.

Terry Kennedy Supra preview

I can't wait for these to release, yall know I'm a Supra fanatic, I need both of these, If I dont get my Air Yeezys on saturday then I will be gettin these very soon...this is the first signature shoe from Pro Skateboarder Terry Kennedy "TK", many of you non skaters know him as Angela Simmons ex boyfriend lol

-pics via Hypebeast

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Models Wanted!!!

If you are a model or an aspiring model and looking to network and get in the industry then this is your opportunity. I will be having an upcoming fashion show and there will be many well known designers present looking for great models to recruit for their clothing lines. Please send me an email if you are interested in doing the show and also come to practice this sunday.

Auditions and practices will be held on Sundays at 7pm at the "Mursik Room",37 Bloomfield Ave. Newark NJ 07104 ...Ladies bring heels

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Terry Mcfly's Must have albums of the week

Asher Roth 'Asleep in the Bread Aisle'

This album right here is dope, Eminem has offically been replaced lol, Asher Roth is reppin for us 80's babies

Kid Cudi 'Dat Kid from cleveland mixtape'

I just got this mixtape today but its dope as usual from Cudi

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Models, Artist, and Designers Wanted!!!!!

I will be doing a fashion show wit some of my colleagues and I'm looking for a few more good models and artists to make scenery and graphics. I'm also looking to speak with fresh clothing designers and anyone looking to be a sponsor for the event. Email me at if you are interested, there will be flyers and videos posted in the next week or so with more details and ads for the show.

Auditions will be held on Sunday at 7pm at the "Mursik Room",37 Bloomfield Ave. Newark NJ 07104 ...Ladies bring heels, and being fashionably fly will help you a lil bit also lol

Random dope pics I found

ok so I was browsing the web and I came pass these dope ass pics of white dudes on bikes in the new York Times, They are fly as f*** on freakin bikes lol, im diggin the outfits, it makes me want a bike for when I commute to the city now

Friday, April 17, 2009

Check out my big brother Kanye's new LV ad

Kanye West will be promoting his new Louis Vuitton sneaker in these ads, dont know why his gilfriend don't like to keep clothes on but ok lol, guess that explains why she was a stripper too

-pics via hypebeast

Lupe Fiasco X Chuck Taylors

They are finally releasing wooohoooo lol, the amazing collabo between Lupe Fiasco and Converse will finally be releasing later this month, I saw these a few months ago and said i need a pair of those all patent leather chucks, take a look at them below, they are part of the Converse RED campaign so the purchase also helps a good cause (supposedly lol)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Colorware... Give Your Berry Personality!

What's up, yall! Lois Lane, your technology diva, here, making my first post of substance on! Most of my research for these articles are based on E-Bay, because you can find a lot of recession conscious, unique items there. For this one, though, I'm going straight celebrity style and introducing you to Colorware!

Colorware is a semi-invasive procedure that rids your Berry of that run of the mill case that everybody and their mama has! At Colorware, they color EVERYTHING. If you want Lakers colors on your iPod, or Patriots colors (YESSIR!! Pats fan, all day!!) on your laptop, you can design it on the site, send it in or buy it there, get it customized and be the hero to the haters before you know it!


You will literally be designing it yourself with a Flash enabled designer on the Colorware website. You will see exactly what it will look like before Mr. UPS man brings it to your door. No confusion. No ugly Berrys unless you make them that way.

The actual casing of the phone will be swapped out, so there are no flimsy plastic covers to crack and fall apart. Make sure that the color is something you want to stick with because you will not be able to snatch it off when you feel lke it.


You will have to be without your precious Berry for at least 3 weeks. I know!! It is almost a deal breaker, right?? If you're addicted, 20 minutes without your Berry is like slamming your hand in a scalding hot car door... Or maybe I exaggerate, slightly... Either way, you're gonna have to send off your phone. No pain, no gain!

Coloring the phone voids the waranty. I know... Not cool... But, worst case scenario, you can say you lost the phone, should you break it. You would have to do an insurance claim, anyway, unless the problem is functional, so say you lost it so they won't be expecting to get the broken phone back when they send your replacement.

Would I do the whole Colorware thing?? Proves to be seen... I'm a little rough on my phones. Moreover, I like to get new phones at least twice a year. If I was a lifer, I definitely would.

Now, I know you're wondering how much this is gonna run you... The most a basic coloration could run you is $300 plus shipping and handling. Not bad at all! Can't wait to get it done?? Here's where you can!

Until next time, yall, stay out of trouble and ALWAYS act like a celebrity!


Oh yeah, and if you can't get enough of me, you should check out my website or follow me on Twitter @lolabunnie!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some scary stuff lol

So apparently Japanese people think its ok to just make articificial scary look humans,these are suppose to be robot children, they look like robotic retarded people to me, watch the video they big as hell rollin around like new born babies, smh @ that...shout to Kanye's blog cuz he had this video posted first, he like that weird stuff like this lol

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Introducing... Miss Lois Lane!!

What's up, everybody! Lois Lane, here!!

I wanted to drop in real quick to introduce myself and formally accept Mr. McFly's challenge! My appointment as the Technology Diva is fairly recent and came to be with the launch of my website I am very much looking forward to expanding my horizons and introducing yall to my world! If there is anything yall want to see in my column, talk to me! I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Hit me up at and I will gladly oblige.

Until next time, this is Lola, your Technology Diva, signing off!

Terry Mcfly's Album of the week: Day 26

My album of the week is in stores today, I chose this album because its amazing, great work fellas, My personal favorites are "Girlfriend" and "Perfectly Blind". I listen to "girlfriend" atleast 5 times a day, it says everything i need to say, for the first time there is a song I completely relate to. Go out and buy this album I recommend and also if you want ya album signed, they will be in NYC tonight around 8

Monday, April 13, 2009

Introducing my new tech savvy journalist, Miss Lois Lane

I have decided to bring a few more journalists to my team in order to keep you all updated around the clock,my newest team member Lois Lane specializes in blackberrys, she will be running a column here called "Blackberry Fashions", I know its random but that's my specialty lol , I love randomness so she has a home here. I am personally excited about this because I just purchased the new Blackberry 8900 so I wanna know whats hot so I can make my phone just as flashy as me. If you want to know more about Lois Lane then please go check out her personal site at

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Week's Video blogs

ok so this week I recorded 3 or 4 video blogs lol, just in case your not a friend on facebook or your not subscribed to my youtube then here you are, soon after I get my new camera i will be recording informative things instead of jus goofin off lol

Friday, April 10, 2009

UCC rabbits

so yesterday I was chillen outside of UCC and a bunny rabbit came up next to me, I had to take the pic lol, it was 2 of them but one was hiding under the tree, yall know i love the animals, click the pic for a close up if u cant see him/her

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Air Yeezy colorway

I've seen this colorway before and its pretty dope, I thought it was gonna be only made for Kanye but im glad nike is gonna release them, these appear to have the glow in the dark swoosh, imma try to get these and 2 of the other previous colorways

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