Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Terry McFly's Favorite Album of the week: Drake

If you havent heard Drake's new mixtape then listen here, this sh** is pretty F***in dope I have to admit, good music at its best, Here it is for you to sample for ya self,its the whole album and bonus tracks, hit me up if you need to know how you can get this album, and if your lazy just come here to hear it lol

Shoutout to my homie Ian for puttin me on Drake's music, Ian is also an artist himself, stay tuned for his feature on my page


  1. is this the same drake that did replacement girl ft. trey songs aka aubrey grahm from degrassi

  2. yup thats him, so amazing right lol, i never saw that degrassi show so i dont kno what that is but people keep tellin me about it

  3. man drake is a beast rite now!!!


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