Friday, September 25, 2009

What Is Stone Nation???

When a lot of people hear Stone Nation they may think of a gang, or a group of smokers but that's not the case at all. What is Stone Nation you ask? well we are here to tell you all that we are a team of fly individuals who have came together by the love of, passion for, and dedication to fashion. The name Stone Nation came about because to us its an representation of stone-age, meaning the founders of creativity and fashion. By creating Stone Nation our goal is to keep people informed with the latest fashions as well as inspire and lead people to want to better themselves if not for their own good then for the sake of humanity. Standing 11 strong and still counting each one of us have our own title within the group. Terry Mcfly is the founder and creator of Stone Nation and he is also responsible for bringing us all together as a team so if you wanna rock with us he's the go-to guy. Shaunty J is Terry's 'right hand man', and she is also responsible for the street team, and promotion. CoCoBae, milk810 & Rellwheezy all have dope fashion senses so they automatically get fly approved. SunnyB33 came up with our motto *Bang Bang Cardigan Gang*. Jeanine is the model/fashionista of the group. Duckeey, SidAshford & J Sawyer are the fashion/music bloggers of the group, and Klasikmimi is the make-up artist of the group. NishaBtch is the latest to join Stone Nation stay tuned to find out what her title will be. Lastly, there's me FeFe my role of the group is making sure is constantly updated for all of you guys. Now that you know what and who Stone Nation is make sure your following all of us on twitter:

Also stay tuned for our logo we are in the process of trying to get one created so if you or anybody you know are graphic designers hit @Terry_Mcfly up on twitter.

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