Thursday, March 25, 2010

Designer Spotlight: 'Brooke's Touch Made With Swag' Bow ties

I recently met up with Brooklyn designer Tiffany Chanel, she does some amazing work. She gave me a few bow tie samples to show all of you. I will try to post a few of her clothing designs as well. If your interested in her work then she can can be reached by email at - she also has a twitter (@madewithswag) and a facebook fan page (Brooke's Touch - Made with swag) Make sure you tell her that Terry Mcfly sent you. Here are a few of the bow tie samples I received, I tried my best to tie them lol

Here are a few of her portfolio pics, wow look at all the creative bow ties she creates

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  1. I love fashion! Oh wait, I'm a jewelry designer so I guess I would right? No seriously, showcase more of this stuff. Us girls live for it - even if it's bowtie fashion! Her work is awesome. How nice of you to showcase it.


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