Thursday, August 15, 2013

TDE Officially Signs SZA

We've got some exciting news to share with you all,  an artist we featured last year here on has officially been signed by TDE (Top Dawg Entertaintment). Congratulations SZA!

Press Release:

Top Dawg Entertainment announces the debut of their newest signee, SZA. Known for her airy coos and glitter-trappings, the Alternative songstress shares a snippet video to narrate the new affiliation.
SZA made her debut with her 2012 release See.SZA.Run. Her follow up EP S marked the first installment of her trilogy series, soon to be matched with Z. Her upcoming Z EP marks a progressive point in SZA’s career, experimenting with new wondrous sounds as showcased in her newest singles “Julia” and “Teen Spirit.”
The Wu-loving songbird draws from an eclectic catalog of influences like Björk, Coltrane and various Brazilian Jazz staples. This explains her natural ability to be emotionally provoking, while bending the confines of typical “genre’s.” As SZA likes to remind any hasty critics, she is not R&B, and it won’t be long before her Fall release Z affirms that.

Get familiar with SZA's music on her soundcloud page:

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