Monday, October 27, 2014

Zeusvision Opens It's Doors to The Public

Starting today, advertising company Zeusvision introduces an advertising/personal messaging platform designed to allow the average person or business owner to get their message out to the most influential groups of people in the most sought after locations for a price that anyone can afford.

Zeusvision is who the big companies call when they want to run a large moving ad on the side of a bus,  basically a moving time square billboard.

Zeusvision Public will have packages starting at $99. Big city outdoor advertising will now become available to anyone at a price point that has never been explored before. They incorporate the latest technology in ad creation allowing you to use apps and geolocation tagging to create one of a kind ad experiences.

So if interested in running an ad/personal message, how do you get started?

Users can visit the Zeusvision ad scheduler and upload their content, then pick the days and frequency they want their ad to run and pay for it with their credit card. Users can schedule content to run months or even hours before they want it to go live, giving the user the unprecedented ability to respond to real-time events.

As far as Zeusvision is concerned personal messaging is just as important as commercial messaging.
  • Posting a congratulations picture of a child's soccer team win
  • Announcing a wedding
  • Wishing a happy birthday to a family member
  • Mother’s and Father’s day announcements
  • Celebrating a wedding anniversary
  • Posting a picture of a special moment for Valentines Day
  • Welcoming home a soldier
If you have something to say and you want to get it out in a big way Zeusvision allows everyone access and the opportunity to do so.

"We believe that everyone should have access to media." - Zeusvision

I'll be designing my very own Zeusvision ad in the upcoming days so stay tuned to see how my experience was and screenshots of my ad making it's way around the city of Los Angeles. Make sure you're following me on twitter & instagram (@Terry_McFly) so that I can send you location updates if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area when it runs.

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