Friday, February 20, 2009

New Supras once again lol, Supra Burgundy Collection

Damn Supra is on a roll, this has been my favorite brand next to Nike, they are just releasing kicks non stop, Here is the latest kicks from their NS line, its part of the Burgundy collection, looks like I will be gettin these wit my income tax lol, I must own a pair cuz its my birth stone color, oh yea I'm not tellin you where they sell these, unless your a close friend cuz you cant find this release in your local mall

I love Skytops lol, I need these

These are pretty dope too

(Pics are provided by Sneakerfiles)


  1. yo this is jamal from school. Supras are the hottest shits out. They were named best sneaker in 2008 by complex mag.

  2. I'm thinkn bout copp'n those i might just stick to the black ones tho...i got the Limited edition ones startn not to like em LOL


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