Sunday, October 28, 2012

Book of The Week: T.I.'s "Trouble & Triumph"

Rapper Clifford Harris has taken the next step in solidifying his image as an up and coming mogul by working with the famed David Ritz again to co-author "Trouble & Triumph". This sequel to the Harris’ 2011 effort “Power & Beauty” continues to tell the story of reluctant Atlanta gangster "Power" who enters the criminal world after the death of his mother under the tutelage of local veteran criminal Slim.
As with most works that can be categorized as “urban fiction” there is the standard "around the way girl" who just happens to be able to double as a super model, a childhood best friend who meets with less than desirable circumstances and a host of other plot points that can be found everywhere from “True To The Game” to “A Hustler’s Wife”. But while this may have been a story that you've heard before, you shouldn’t be so quick to shy away from it because the unique ATL twist that Harris brings to the table allows it to stand boldly apart from the rest.

The modern twists found in "Trouble and Triumph" will definitely relate to a younger generation. And with the many subtle lessons about life and love that new and improved "Rubberband Man" Harris has managed to slip into this fast and frothy ride... that relation is most definitely a good thing.

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  1. Great review! I related to the "urban fiction" outline, but the positive review is making me very interested in reading this book (didn't even know TI had a novel out) I will def download


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