Friday, May 3, 2013


Meet Cheick Gueye, the young artist behind the dope clothing line, RÊVE ARTWEAR. Check out his exclusive interview here. 

What is RÊVE? How did you come up with the name?
RÊVE means dream in French. The name came from my parents saying that I am a big dreamer or I dream too much, when I spoke of big things happening to me. A dream can also be a vision so I played with that idea a bit. I have these great fashion ideas and vision then I wake up or get up and start creating whatever it is.

What are your inspirations? What inspires you during the creative process?
 Music, pain, heartbreak, love, food, women, and art.

What kind of statement would someone be making when wearing your pieces?
I am the "new guy" or "man" around here, f*** the rest of these cats. & " just made these n***** wanna go home, and change their outfits and give it another shot of looking as good as I do.  Excuse my lack for better words, but yeah that's pretty much it. I want the person to feel themselves, and feel fresh with their heads held high. Normally, people who understand my pieces are really into fashion so they know their S***.

If RÊVE was a person, name 3 artist that would be on their ipod?
Travis Scott, Kanye West, and Mos def
You said 3 but RÊVE would need to get "RACHET", and "turn up" that would require, Chief Keef.

How does Hip Hop influence Reve?
 All types of music influence the brand, we're very open minded. Being the first generation American with West African parents, music with alot of drums or bass excites me, I actually don't like slow music. Like I would skip that s*** in a heartbeat. When I hear hip hop, mainly artist I f*** with I get hype, and it gives me the energy and motivation to get things done. This culture is a very powerful one. They dictate alot of fashion trends as well, but I'm not a trend follower so if I see something I like I add my personal touch to it or come up with something different!

What's next for RÊVE? Accesories? Watches? Bags? Etc 
We're going to continue to better our bags, and maybe get into chains later next year.

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