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Worn recently by BET's 106 and Park's Host Shawty Da Prince, and Rapper Kid Ink, DOCe is definitely climbing up the ladder to becoming one of the leading street wear brands. DOCe can also be found at some of these east coast stockist: Vault Harlem, Kicknetics, Sneaker Junkies, and All The Right

 What is DocE?
DOCe is an urban street wear brand based out of NY, the BX to be exact. Our designs are unique, and every collection we put together has a meaning behind it. We aim to please our fans with quality work and designs. We represent the enlightened youth.

How did you come up with the name?
When the idea of starting a brand came into mind (6 years ago) we were a group of 12 young creative individuals looking to bring something different to the street wear industry. Many brands were doing it, but many of those brands where doing the same thing or doing something we pretty much did not like. Since it was a group of 12 who came up with this plan we decided to call our selves "Twelve Stars", the name was already copy-written, so we were not able to use that name. Although, our logo was already created around that name, our logo was so unique and perfect, we did not want to change it, and started to think of names that still had the number 12 in it. One day while explaining this issue to our screen printer he said " hey just call it DOCe " and we felt it was just perfect. Later on, we noticed that this wasn't only just a number to us, its the beginning and end to every day, and every year, 12 hours on a clock, 12 months in a year. etc Also, our grandfathers from both side of my family happen to have 12 children each. It seemed like the right name for us. Since then, it's only 3 out of the 12 who remain in the group. With time you always see who's down and who is not.

What are your inspirations? And, what inspires you during the creative process?
We get inspired by life. We don't focus on any main topics of genres to gain inspiration. Of course music is a big part of it, but so is it for everyone else in the world lol. Graffiti is a big part of it. Art, urban new york, standing out, being rebellious, and thinking out side the box is way for us to describe what inspires us.
What does the mask signify in your shirts from your last collection?
The ski mask was used in our first collection ever, "Art Of Rebellion".  It's suppose to symbolize rebels, those who are forced to hide their faces in order to speak out, and fight for their freedom against this dirty country we call, America. It Also can be described as showing the world who the real thieves and terrorist are around us, our own country, and government. The U.S.A.

What kind of statement would someone be making when wearing your pieces?
I don't want to be like everyone else. I am Different, and I look good.
How relevant is hip hop to DocE?
Very relevant. We get a lot of inspiration from hip hop. We come from where hip hop all started the, BX!! We are proud of that, and love to support anyone and everyone playing a part in hip hop, weather it is a main stream artist or a young cat just coming up we show love to all, that's how much we love hiphop.

What's next for DocE? Accesories? Watches? Bags? Etc
For now we mainly focus on T-shirts. Something we haven't done which we will be doing next is snap backs. It's actually dropping this summer. From there we are planning to start making button ups for fall/winter, then moving on to bottoms, and accessories like belts, bags and wallets. Also look forward to a shoe release in the future.

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