Friday, September 19, 2014

Unboxing: The iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are finally here! We've managed to get ourselves a shiny new iPhone 6 Plus 64GB in Space Gray.

The iPhone 6 Plus is usually referred to as the big one when describing the two new iphones. The boxing was pretty simple - It did not offer the traditional iPhone picture art on the top of the box. The top of the box had a engraved iPhone outline. It's  hard to see it in the picture below - but it's there.

The phone comes wrapped in a layer of plastic.

Unfortunately, we did not get any cool Beat headphones as some rumors speculated :( ...We have the same accessories as the iPhone 5/5s. Earpods - Wall outlet - Lightning cable. 

The iPhone 6 Plus has an amazing 5.5" Retina display. Everyone wants to know how much larger this new phone really is, so we decided to take a few size comparison photos to give you an idea:

PS4 Controller - PS Vita Box

 PS4 Game


iPad Mini

With the 6 Plus you can now turn the home screen sidewaysand have your your apps displayed in landscape  mode. Also when opening a folder in landscape mode you can swipe across for pages. It is a really smooth transition and looks great.

Being that the screen is rather large and somewhat difficult to reach across using one hand - Apple created a great feature which brings the screen down for you to reach the top.  All you have to do is double tap (not press) the home button. It will bring the screen down to a more accessible range for you. Double tapping the home button or selecting an option will revert the screen back to normal.

You can also use the mail and messaging app in landscape mode which splits the screen so you have easier access to your content. Apple is utilizing the new iphone 6 plus screen in a great way.

We are still playing around with the iPhone 6 Plus and will have more info soon. We just wanted to give you a quick hands-on view of Apple's newest edition to the iPhone family.

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