Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recession Friendly Berry Fashions

What's up, Berry lovers!  Lois Lane, here, with my newest and most monetarily conscious fashion review, yet!

It's true.  Times are hard in America.  Our economy's down the tubes.  This whole swine flu thing has turned into a pandemic.  My car had a heat stroke on 22, yesterday.  We are at a crossroads where we must now do things we may not normally do...  This includes shopping on E-Bay!  Do I do it myself?  I could be moved to do it, if I weren't the impatient type who can't stand to wait for a package.  So with that being said, let's chop it up:

Plain and Classy

This case, by Auctiva, is so my style.  It's a hard rubber case, which is perfect for my clumsiness and it is imprinted with delicate flowers.  I think it would be better in pink, but for a VERY recession friendly $8.78, one cannot complain!  Can't imagine life without one?!  Here's where you can get it!

Pitbull in a Skirt

This is a very sweet, puppy paw imprinted, crystal studded case that doesn't quite scream "celebutante" but it definitely is for no "plain Jane".  This one is playful and shiny!  What more can a girl ask for??  A little pricier than the last case, this delicate beauty is still a very pocket-kind $24.99.  If you are an animal lover with a flair for the shine, you can get your very own, right here.

H.C.I.C. (Head Chick in Charge)

Oh, HELL yes!  This is only for the exclusive technology divas (like me).  This case is a crystal studded, crown bearing thing of beauty!  So, if you're the queen bee, the top chick, the baddest broad alive or any other expressions indicating that you have an ego in your possession and you are PROUD of it, this one is for you!!  At the same price as the one above, you can find yours here!

If you find anything that you think HAS to be featured here, just let your resident technology diva know about it and I will gladly feature it in my article!

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Until next time, guys, stay away from that swine flu and remain on top of your fashion game!


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