Friday, April 15, 2011

New Music: "GO" by Santigold feat. Karen O

Santigold, who is signed to Jigga’s Roc Nation Management, dropped a new track  called “GO” on the Life + Times site today, and she invited friends: The track features contributions from two-thirds of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Karen O provides  backing vocals, and Nick Zinner lends his trademark guitar noise), and the song was co-produced by Q-Tip, Switch and Santi herself.

Santigold describes the song thusly: “This song comments on the era we live in and the NEW American dream. The dream used to be that if you worked hard, and you were good at what you did, you could pave your own way in America and the sky was the limit. … However, things have changed. The NEW American Dream is to become rich and famous by happenstance – or sex tapes – and to get there with as little work or talent as possible. And as a result, we are suffering – though many of us don’t know it – as quality becomes a notion of the past. We’re ruining art, our planet, and our health, all due to our newfound obsession with instant gratification.”
-Via EW

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