Friday, March 9, 2012

Feature: Styled By June

March 19th @ 9:30/8:30C is the premiere of a VH1 show starring my favorite celebrity stylist June Ambrose. I first met June Ambrose during New York Fashion Week last year. I saw her in the audience of a lot of the shows that I attended and that's what prompted me to say hello to her. I was amazed by her humble and charismatic personality, this woman styles some of the most amazing celebrities and yet she shows a normal guy like me so much love. Early last year was my first time attending NYFW. I noticed that June would wear a different outfit to every show, even shows on the same day separated by mere hours. I respectfully asked June if I could take her photo the few times I saw her, but she changed her outfit so much that it became sort of like a fashion week hobby for me to capture her look of the day for my fashion week coverage. June even challenged me a few times, she told me during the ARISE show of 2011 that she wants to see just how good of a photographer I am. She said "I'm not going to stop this time, I want to see your skills...let's see if you can catch a photo of me at this show and by the way I'm leaving early". Sadly I didnt capture the photo lol, I guess I'm not a good paparazzi . During F/W 2012 NYFW, June caught me off guard when she snatched my camera phone and snapped a photo of us together, I thought that was hilarious. It really showed how much of a down to earth person she really is.  Along with the tv show trailer below, I posted some of the photos I captured of June during Fashion Week from 2011 and early 2012.

Don't forget to tune into "Styled By June" on VH1, Monday March 19 @ 9:30/8:30C!


  1. love it, i cant wait to see her show.

  2. It's nice to hear that she's such a down-to-earth person. I'll definitely be tuning into the show.

  3. She is one of my favorite personalities, I did her stiletto work out and it is now a staple in my week!


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