Friday, June 22, 2012

Go Skateboarding Day 2012

June 21st is National Go Skateboarding Day, I finally had the opportunity to celebrate the skater's holiday. I hopped on my board and trekked through Soho until I got down to LES Skatepark in Chinatown. LES was packed with skaters of all ages, everyone just finished coming from the the event in queens. There was a best trick competition for amateur skaters to compete and win cash prizes. There was also the usual abundance of skate merchandise giveaways.

Nike SB showed up with all of their Pro Skaters in a Nike SB Swat Truck. Everyone got to meet their favorite Nike SB pros and watch them skate around the LES.

For me, the REAL excitement didn't happen until I left out of the skate park. I walked up the street and saw my favorite skate brand "SUPRA" shooting a skate video. This whole experience was pretty surreal. I met the legendary pro skater Chad Muska, who also happens to be the designer of my favorite signature skate shoe "The Skytop". I couldn't believe that I was standing there chatting it up with The Muska and watching The Supra Skate Team create a skate vid. The Muska told me about his new artwork, which you can see in progress if you follow him on Instagram.

Go Skateboarding Day was all I expected and more...If you are a skater, I would recommend getting involved with this in the future. The feeling is sort of like being in the Mecca of what you love do.

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