Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Foo Wop" By Keanna O'Quinn

This Valentine's Day, emerging artist Keanna O'Quinn blends the dark and light of every great love story into a personified state of mind with her new single and video, Foo Wop.

Foo Wop happens to the best of us. For some, Foo Wop leaves us powerless, and for others, Foo Wop gives great power. Foo Wop is much more than 'what' meets the eye.

Foo Wop adj. /fōō - wäp/
: feeling used to describe, intense, romantic love experienced by strong, successful, woman

The story behind the song starts with the acknowledgement that strong women everywhere possess the best of both worlds - the ability to TCB while providing TLC...when earned. This familiar juxtaposition comes alive with a video that pays homage to a movie that perfectly captures this double sided coin, Drive.

Foo Wop is an original song with rhythms created solely by vocal arrangement. This song is definitely unique and worth a listen.

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