Monday, March 28, 2011

Music Monday: Meet "Tha Boogie"

As I was browsing the web this morning, I came across an interesting group on There's a contest taking place right now that allows users to vote for the next cover artist. As I browsed through the list of rock groups, there was one punk/alternative group that caught my interest. I was really intrigued because they looked like me, they're young, african american, and stylish. I had to find out more about them. Here's their bio:

Think of Lauryn Hill backed by No Doubt with Andre 3000 as the maestro---that’s Tha Boogie. The Rancho Cucamongian trio has admirable musical talents coupled with fly urban originality that fuels them to write, produce, record, and arrange songs that have no boundaries. They remain inspired by people who are not afraid to be or do anything different.

The unique style of each member compliments the other as they take listeners on an experimental musical journey chock-full of genres such as pop, hip-hop, r&b and alternative soul.
Tha Boogie represents:

Korus (Singer/songwriter); with her corky but edgy sense of style and sultry voice adds spice to the group's vision and overall sense of direction which dubs her as "The Cherry on Top." The songbird has an audacious drive which enables her to help craft out-the-box lyrics and tackle new projects such as learning how to play the bass guitar.

Lejin (Singer/ Music Producer/Arranger): a producer who’s considered a prodigy because he’s been creating music since the age of 12 and has been a drummer since he was 4. The Austin, Texas transplant not only sets the foundation for the group’s sound with his production, he lends his gospel-soul tinged vocals to the group’s eccentric sound.

Nu School (Singer/Songwriter/Rapper/Vocal Producer and Arranger): snagged his B.A. in Music Business, has been writing songs since the age of 9. The crooner has an ear for melodies and lyrical content which is the glue that gels group's overall sound.

The bandmates were influenced by the dynamic work of The Super Friends clique (Timbaland, Missy, Playa, Aaliyah, Ginuwine and Magoo), a musical think-tank of artists, producers and songwriters who crafted chart-topping hits together. So, they decided they liked the model and would embark on configuring one themselves-calling it: Tha Boogie Down Movement.

What has brought them this far is their camaraderie, stubborn will to create limitless feel good music and to thrive despite of naysayers. Their goal is to stay true to themselves and that is what caught the attention of award winning singer/songwriter/producer Raphael Saadiq. He signed them to his label Velma Records and brought them along as the opening act for the last leg of his 2009 Winter Tour.
Tha Boogie also has mainstream appearances on Nas’ video "Hero" and Raphael Saadiq's single "Love that Girl".
Tha Boogie recently released EP, “Love Tha Boogie, Volume. 1(Steal That Sh*t),” NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes.

The Album "Long Time Know See-LTKS" to be released top of 2011.

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