Monday, March 21, 2011

Rip The Runway 2011 Interview: Miguel

During BET’s Rip The Runway, R&B recording artist, Miguel had a brief discussion with style maven Terry Mcfly about fashion. Miguel gave us a full breakdown of his style and fashion influences. Miguel explains in detail why he likes particular pieces and what he loves most about a woman’s style. As expected, Miguel is very interesting person when it comes to fashion.

Terry: You have a very unique futuristic sense of style. Who or what inspires your style?
Miguel: My style is inspired by light, my style is inspired by movies like the Fifth Element, Blade Runner, and like-minded individuals that I got to connect and build with along the way. Musicians of course, all of this comes together to help me define what it is that aesthetically represents Miguel.

Terry: Do you ever have any custom pieces specifically crafted for you?
Miguel: I always have custom pieces crafted for me
Terry: Do you have anything in particular that you get crafted?
Miguel: A lot of my jackets are custom made, I have a few pairs of pants that are custom made, I’m actually working on custom accessories, collaborating for that as well as shoes

Terry: Do you consider yourself a trendsetter?
Miguel: I absolutely do consider myself a trendsetter, I think it’s just the mentality of being a leader as oppose to following trends, although I do like to incorporate trends that resonate with my vision, so I’m not completely rogue or ignorant to what is here now. It’s just about finding the pieces that represent me the best.

Terry: Who do you think is the best dressed R&B singer in the industry?
Miguel: The best dressed R&B singer in the industry, hmm… well aside from myself, just kidding… A friend of mine, Usher, happens to have a really fashion forward eye to be honest with you, I think his travels have really rounded out his perspective on fashion. I definitely shoot a peace sign to my man Usher, he’s definitely on point.

Terry: We know you wear a lot of sunglasses, What is your go-to pair of sunglasses.
Miguel: Wayfarer, it’s always Wayfarers. Anything with a bold and strong frame because I happen to have a wide face. I like the frames kinda square, I think that shape happens to compliment my face.

Terry: Do you have a lot of shoes and sneakers?
Miguel: Absolutely!
Terry: What is your go-to shoe or sneaker?
Miguel: Android Homme, anything Android Homme does it for me.

Terry: Which city is your favorite city to shop in and why?
Miguel: I grew up in Los Angeles so it’s kind of a toss-up between Los Angeles and New York. I haven’t been to Tokyo, London or anywhere like that yet so it might change.

Terry: Could you tell me a little bit about Cali Swag?
Miguel: California Swag, well I think the appeal is the sense of being relaxed and effortless in everything you do.

Terry: Which fashion item do you love the most on a woman and why?
Miguel: The legging, because they’re so form fitting, it really accentuates some of my favorite pieces on a woman’s physique.

Terry: On a woman, Do you prefer sneakers or heels?
Miguel: It depends, I like both but there’s nothing sexier than a woman in heels

Terry: well that’s all the questions I have today regarding style , It was great meeting you
Miguel: Thank you, nice meeting you as well

Check out Miguel performing his new song “Pay Me” during BET’s Rip The Runway on March 21st 10p/9c.

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