Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Free Mixtape: "Nemotional" by Nemo Achida

Here's a another TerryMcfly.com featured artist, Nemo Achida from Lexington, Kentucky. A few days ago he sent me an advanced copy of his latest mixtape "Nemotional" which is now available to the public because it has officially launched today!!!!! Download Nemotional for FREE at DJBooth.net. 

If you enjoy this mixtape make sure you hit up Nemo on twitter @NemoAchida and tell em you heard about this album from Terry McFly.

"Nemotional is the way I see life, love, music, nature, religion, politics, etc. I take those beliefs, theories if you will...& create the soundtrack for a day in the life of a man/woman that feels EXACTLY like me. As for the recording process, it's simple. I chose a heap of killer beats & I slept with them. I was in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, & L.A. with these beats. The outcome was 12 tracks all dear to my heart. I'm a strong-believer that they will have a similar effect on you." - NEMO ACHIDA

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