Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Book of The Week: Jody Duncan Jesser & Janine Pourroy's "The Art and Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy"

Not just for film buffs or comic book aficionados “The Art and Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy” is a crisp and vibrant behind the scenes look at the telling of Christopher Nolan's interpretation of the classic tale of Batman. The images shown on the glossy pages will appeal to anyone remotely interested in the saga. And the thoughtful attention to detail show how Nolan and his staff created character driven scenes not only through the stunning  previously unreleased photography but through comprehensive explanation of concept as well.

It may be visually striking but this is a far cry from an overpriced picture book for one’s coffee table. It truly explains the process of executing not only the director’s vision but that of everyone involved. From the casting to the construction of intricate sets to the designing of a fresh yet functional Bat mobile, each challenge reveals just how much time, energy, and resources went into producing such well received and widely respected films.

This journey from concept to principle photography is a spellbinding one. And the intrigue doesn’t stop there the chapter devoted to each film’s marketing tells of the differences between promoting a film before and after social networking leapt into the forefronts of moviegoers minds everywhere. It also conveys the unique set of challenges and circumstances that arrive when a studio suddenly has to deal with respectfully promoting a film with a cast member that has passed away.

Despite the temptation to rely solely on the tools available to today's digital filmmaker, Nolan was determined to keep things as authentic as possible. Staying true to his vision by doing it for real infused a bit of glamour into the film, each and every bit of that glamour can be found in this tremendously impressive work of art.


  1. I've always been so excited watching the movie. It giyyves me a rush. Ask yourself, how is it possible to feel a rush in every action scene? How did they make this feel so alive. This book tells it all and you put it in a great perspective. Great review!!!!

  2. I cannot express how much I truly love reading your work. I had the pleasure of sharing this article with my fiancé and we both agree that you are a true professional. They way you describe items is incredible. Even if you have never seen or read this trilogy you will want to know. Love how you spoke about the struggles of keeping the vision between the comics and and movies. Simply amazing as always. Looking forward to the next article :)


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