Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chevrolet "Spark Your Senses" NYC Event

General Motors Northeast invited a few of the industry's elite to test drive their brand new Chevy Spark 2013 before it hits most US retailers. The Chevy Spark is the first Chevrolet mini car ever offered in the United States and Canada. The amazing team at GM Northeast planned the experience of a lifetime.

The  "Spark Your Senses" fun started with a lunch and power point presentation by the incredible engineers and etc. from Chevrolet. Everything was set up very nicely and the napkins even coordinated well with my Knicks themed attire.

The food was AMAZING as usual, there was a variety of foods to choose from.  I chose the steak & grilled chicken along with  a few deliciously cooked vegetables and sparkling water.

The dessert was amazing as well until .... (look at second picture)

 ... :-(

After the presentation was finished, we were all geared up and ready to Go! There was a fleet of Chevy Sparks awaiting us in  3 colors and in both manual & automatic.

After getting our guide to the city, We were off to start our amazing "Spark Your Senses" adventure!

Using the new Chevrolet "MyLink" infotainment system, we were able to play some cool tunes directly from the iPhone which was provided by Chevrolet along with an EZ-Pass for tolls.

We made it to our first destination, which was a perfume bar called Bond No. 9. This establishment was launched as an homage to New York City . Their collection marks every New York neighborhood with a scent of its own. 

Once inside Bond No.9, the amazing staff helped us create one of kind fragrances. Both men & women had the opportunity to pick a cologne or perfume. I think this was pretty cool! They gave us gift bags with the fragrance that we selected along with samples of other smells to spark our senses.

Terry loves gifts!!!!! Can't you tell I'm a happy camper?

We made our way back to our cool  jalapeno green spark, to embark on the next adventure that awaits us.

I was behind the wheel this time. I got to test my New York driving skills in the Chevy Spark and they worked very well with such a versatile mini car. The Ecotec 1.2L four-cylinder engine helped me zip my way through the big city efficiently.

Our next stop was the Momofuku milk bar, which had a variety of edible items I've never tasted before. The Momofuku milk bar is the bakery-inspired dessert branch of David Chang's Momofuku restaurant group. The milk bar is focused on putting a playful and approachable spin on familiar home-style desserts made from locally-sourced dairy.

The staff was very cool and laid back, definitely a crew fit for the New York scene. They were friendly and they prepared me an expresso milkshake to "Spark" up my energy.

Our last stop was a complete surprise to me, I thought we were going to some type of candy store because the name of the establishment is "Pete's Candy Store... but when I walked in... my mind was blown! I love music and I love MTV! They sent me to an MTV Iggy filming where I got to watch a band perform live and shoot a video!!!! I was ecstatic and I tweeted nothing but exclamation marks the entire time that I was there.

I made a new friend while I was at the video shoot. Meet my new buddy MTV Iggy & MTV-U host Carly Henderson. She was awesome, we talked about the upcoming fashion week and other cool things I blog about here.

After I left the MTV video shoot, I stumbled upon some professional skaters outside filming a skate session. For a moment there I felt like I was in paradise, this day was too surreal, so many of my favorite events happening at one time along with free gifts and food.

After briefly checking out the skate session, we hopped back in the spark and made our way back to the GM Northeast team.

The trunk was filled with goodies from our adventures of course.

Upon arriving, The GM Northeast team had a fully stocked bar with everything you can imagine awaiting us. The bartender was a pretty cool dude too.


The guy in the blue is my buddy Patrick that was with me for this entire Chevy Journey. It was his first big media event so I had fun showing him the ropes a little bit along the way. His new nickname is "Cool Pat"!

This whole experience was phenomenal, definitely much more than what I expected. The GM Northeast team is AMAZING! I am not easily pleased, but when it comes to General Motors...they are "Terry McFly Approved!" times TWO ...Buy their cars! lol ....I hope I sparked your interest a little bit with this recap of our adventure. Find out more about the Chevy Spark on the official Chevrolet website.

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