Friday, August 31, 2012

Rockstar Games Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Event Recap

Rockstar Games invited me to be a special guest at their Max Payne 3 Multiplayer session, which took place live on the rooftop of their NYC offices. In true Rockstar fashion , the invitation was extremely limited. There was only about 5 special guests and the rest in attendance was Rockstar staff. Rockstar supplied us with tons of food and beverages, what a great way to end the summer with a rooftop gaming BBQ. I enjoyed playing Max Payne 3 online with Max Payne fans from all over the world and the skilled Rockstar game developers.

The Rockstar offices looked like the coolest place in the world to work in. The lobby was outfitted with Arcade cabinet versions of every breakthrough rockstar title. And apparently it's even animal friendly, I kid you not, I saw a dog a casually walk by in the office as if it as one of the employees.

The event set up was pretty cool! Everyone had their own xbox console accompanied by an amazing view of the big city.

The great folks at Rockstar even hooked me up with a bag full of free swag for stopping by. I'm sure I will find some good use for all of this cool Max Payne 3 themed stuff, just not in an airport ...LOL

The multiplayer session may have ended but that doesn't mean I won't be online playing Max Payne 3, especially since Rockstar hooked me up with copies of the game and an All-Acess pass for all the downloads. If you have the game, feel free to add me on XBOX Live (Terry McFly) or PS3 (T-Smooth85).

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