Monday, September 24, 2012

MTV Iggy x Chevy "Cover The World" Behind the Scenes With Gyptian [EXCLUSIVE]

“Cover the World" is an MTV Iggy partnership with Chevrolet through which four global musical artists will cover an iconic song chosen by fans online at  The “Cover the World” artists, which include South Korea’s WonderGirls, Jamaica’s Gyptian, Australia’s Angus Stone, and America’s All Time Low, will each bring their own regional flavor to the recording to celebrate the arrival of the 2013 Chevrolet Spark in the United States and Canada.

The fans have voted and the song they chose was "True Colors" By Cyndi Lauper. Now it's time for the fun part, which is getting these unique artists together to record their unique variations of this song.

I was invited to the legendary Electric Lady Studios (the studio where Jimi Hendrix made his music) in Manhattan to meet with Gyptian as he recorded his segment for "Cover The World". While on set, In true Terry McFly fashion, I used my iPhone 4S to capture a few behind the scenes photos to share with all of you.

Gyptian with his producer

"Hey, I'm a blogger", "If you're a barber then why do you have that beard?" "No I said a blogger, not barber!"

Gyptian's producer cueing up the exclusive"Cover The World" track.

The MTV Iggy film crew doing what they do best.

Gyptian on set

The Chevy spark even had it's own camera and mic, it came prepared.

"Time to Spark the world", says the jalapeño green Chevy.

Gyptian wrapping up the video shoot with goodbyes to his producer and his co-star ,The Chevy Spark.

As always, I had a great time with the MTV Iggy staff and it was great meeting Gyptian. The part of this adventure that really made my day was that I had the opportunity to visit Electric lady Studios, Jimi Hendrix is my favorite guitarist. It was truly an honor to be here, even better that I was there with great friends and two of my favorite brands (MTV & Chevrolet).

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