Friday, September 20, 2013

Unboxing: The iPhone 5s has ARRIVED!!!!

Everyone has some tradition they keep year after year. For me I have 2 that have been going strong for the past 6+ years. 1 - Taking a week off for Call of Duty when it releases. 2 - Getting the new iPhone on release date. As Call of Duty is still a couple of months away this means that I have picked up the new iPhone 5s.

I went to the AT&T store as I knew the Apple store was going to be insane. The AT&T store told us that they do not have any of the white (Silver\Gold) iPhone's. Only the Space Gray was available :\ From what I have heard even Apple stores barely have the white ones. I purchased the 32GB Space Gray + Apple Care. Apple Care is something I have had to get because replacing a cracked screen on the iPhone 5 and 5s is really expensive. They are more expensive then Apple care itself. Apple Care is $99 and covers the earpods, charger, charging wire, and iPhone for 2 years. It will cost me $50 to replace my iPhone if it gets damaged. I can only replace it twice.

Let's take a look at the iPhone 5s :)

Apple keeps its traditional style box

Here is the Space Gray iPhone 5s inside the box

Inside The Box: Earpods, power adapter, and charger cable

 Inside The Box: A simple pamphlet that shows basic features of the iPhone5s

 Front - feels solid .. Feels like an iPhone 5 haha. Home button no longer has the square in the middle. (We will cover the Touch ID feature below)

 Back - Looks gorgeous as always. Dual flash.

Setting Up Fingerprint (Prompts to set it up on startup. It can also be setup by going to Settings - General - Passcode & Fingerprint)

Place any Finger on the Home button for the scan to start.

 Really simple process. You can Turn ON the option to bypass Passcode, iTunes and App Store purchases with your fingerprint. Multiple fingerprints can be added and is recommended.

This is a basic look at the iPhone 5s. I will update you later on with camera comparisons of this model and the previous iphone model.

The iPhone5s comes with iOS7, find out what's new in iOS7 by clicking here.

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