Monday, October 24, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Jay Saint

A few weeks ago I was contacted by an upcoming artist asking me to listen to his latest single. As you all know, I only feature artists that I actually enjoy listening to, which means if you wanna be featured here you gotta have talent. I listened to the track that I was sent and I must've enjoyed what I heard because I'm sharing it with all of you.

Ladies and Gentleman, Meet Jay Saint!

Jay's latest single is titled "Heart on a Tight Rope" which is from his latest mixtape project "Amour Et La Guerre", which can be listened to and downloaded for free below.


Edgy beats, very catchy hooks, great verse and rhythms, an absolutely skilled and gifted Singer Songwriter, Jay Saint is an all around Artist. Jay’s music is perfection with the amazing ability to cross over from commercial Hip-Hop to Edgy Electro Pop/R&B and back. Jay Saint reveals a sensitive side of him with subtle messages and textures mixed in - all arranged perfectly to achieve maximum results.

With values originated from there Haitian & Dominican backgrounds, Jay’s parents had the right idea. They kept his mind focused on academics and athletics. Both students and faculty that had the opportunity to witness Jay at work, were amazed with his talents. Jay’s talent was a reality to others, but it wasn’t to him. Life growing up was challenging, both personally and financially. He paid and paved his own way through college, receiving a full scholarship to play football for Elizabeth City State University. Through all this, his creative mind never stopped writing music, producing music or performing music. In early 2009, the doors opened for the driven star. He was noticed by an A&R from Bad Boy records,which
gaining him a position to write for Bad Boy's elite acts at that time (Danity Kane, Day 26, Donnie Klang). Writing a full year for the label Jay branched off and decided to make is name a brand. Jay has been performing in NY elite club, building a loyal fan base that adores what he stands for, "Work hard Feel Good".

He shows a consistency in style, performance and all around talent which is a mark of a true Recording Artist. Jay's music catches your attention and holds it for a long time. There aren’t many artists that can do that anymore. You can listen to one song and lose your attention quickly. That beat, the rhythm and that fresh new tone keeps you captivated right from the start. His alternative style of Pop/R&B mix in with is unique Island tone, singing messages that are inspiring is what the industry needs. Being compared and called a young "Akon", Jay strives to be the first Jay Saint. That position is definitely up for grabs. He's humbling personality, undeniable talent and drive for sucess, without doubt makes him destined for greatness.

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