Sunday, December 18, 2011

"The World's First Social Camera" The Hipstamatic D-Series App

iPhone photo app maker Synthetic thinks it has found a way to combine the suspense of analog film with digital convenience through the new Hipstamatic D-Series app for iOS.

The D-Series — billed as a “disposable camera for iOS” — allows groups of iPhone-toting friends to share a batch of 24 shots. Friends invite one another through Facebook to shoot to a specific roll. As everyone shoots their own photos — from the same party, same town, or anywhere wirelessly connected — the amount of shots left decreases, just like an old-school roll of analog film.

Also like analog film, no one can see what’s being shot while the D-Series roll is in progress. But once the final shot is used, all the participating friends are delivered the entire batch of 24 photos, arranged chronologically and with labels saying who shot what. Users are then free to share those individual images with whomever they please.

The D-Series is available free in the Apple App Store and includes one camera, while an in-app purchase option will initially allow users to buy three other 99-cent cameras with different effects.
Click Here to get more info about the Hipstamatic D Series app and download from the official site.

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