Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Terry Mcfly's Spotlight: New Sneaker Store in New Jersey 'Sixth Boro'

I was invited to check out a new sneaker store yesterday in Newark, New Jersey. I was impressed, the store is ran by Suraj from SneakerRoom, he's a well known sneakerhead as well. The store isnt officially opened yet but you can still go there to purchase items. I took a few pictures during my visit yesterday,which are posted below, I will add more pictures when the store is completely finished. Oh yea and when I got there, guess who was in there just hangin out and coppin kicks as usual?, The Mayor! Go down there and check out the Sixth Boro at 494 Clinton Ave, Newark NJ. When you go there, make sure you tell them Terry Mcfly sent you and they will gladly welcome you. I hope you enjoy these pictures because there will be plenty more in my second feature and maybe even a video. Shoutout to the homie X, who happens to work at the store and he was featured in an issue of Sole Collector.


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