Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Terry's 7 Days With The Chevy Sonic

Last month, I attended an event with Chevy & Klout (click here if you don't remember). Chevy was so pleased with how much I enjoyed the car that they decided to send me one for 7 days. I fell in love with this car the first day I had it, which is pretty major because I am not a fan of hatchbacks. I was pleasantly surprised by the roominess inside the vehicle because I am 6'4, me and small cars do not get along. The car is exactly what it was designed to be, FUN & CONVENIENT. Throughout the week you may have noticed me constantly tweeting the #ChevySonic hastag , now my actions will finally be explained for those of you that may have been confused by this. Here is a breakdown of my day to day activities with the car to give you an idea of how I put it to the test.

Day:1 Car Arrives

This day was major because it was my birthday and I had brand new car to roam the town in. The day was filled with pampering and party transportation so this was possibly the busiest day out of them all. I filled the car up with friends and it seemed to fit 5 people quite comfortably. It was fairly easy to find a parking space in NYC because of the car's convenient size.

Day 2: Child Friendly Mall Hopping

I picked up my nephews and we went on a trip to the mall. My nephews enjoyed the Chevy Sonic so it's definitely appealing to the future tastemakers. We listened to music and filled the car trunk with lots of unnecessary purchases. Their exact first words upon entering the Chevy Sonic was "Woah!!!! This car is FAST!!!".

Day 3:Rainy Day
It rained all day today so I basically spent this time relaxing indoors. I did manage to go outside and try out the cool back window windsheild wiper on the Sonic. I love the features on this car!

Day 4: Surprise B-Day Party

Cruised around Manhattan enjoying the nightlife prior to attending a surprise birthday party for a friend. Ended the night with a 4am dinner at the Cafeteria 24 hour restaurant.The food there was sooo Good!!!! :-)

Day 5: Family Birthday Dinner

My family took me out to Red Lobster for a birthday lunch, we drove the Chevy Sonic. My brother fell in love with the Sonic after reading about the features and literally trying each of them out. This is the day that we found out the car had a remote start and a  usb bay for all your devices to rest.

Day 6: More Birthday Celebrations

This day concluded my birthday week, one last hoorah with two more celebrations. The Chevy Sonic was great getting me through this 15 degree weather with its heated seats and convenient remote starter to warm the car while inside the house or establishment.

Day 7:My Last Day With Sonic
 I took a trip to the movies to see that new movie "Contraband" and then I came home to news of the birth of my new god child.

 Overall, I had a great time with the Chevy Sonic, I would definitely buy one and recommend buying one for anyone that doesn't have a big family and is constantly on the go. The Chevy Sonic is the perfect car for the city life.

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