Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Je Suis Bracelets

I received an exciting package in the mail yesterday, it was my custom 1 of 1 bracelet from Je Suis Bracelets. Je Suis is a new brand established by Jennifer Moore of www.WhatWouldJennSay.com. The quality of the bracelets and the exclusivity of it really makes it a great piece to own, not to mention the extremely affordable price tag and FAST free shipping.

"Je Suis in French means "I am" and these bracelets are just that...they represent everything that you are: strong, loving, determined, kind, hopeful, inspiring and unique. No bracelet is made twice, so rest assured, your bracelet will be just that...YOUR bracelet! Once a bracelet is purchased it is removed from our website!"

Time to discuss the creative process behind my Je Suis bracelet.  Terry McFly is all about customization and Jenn was well prepared to take on the creative task. I told her that my favorite color was purple and that I wanted a bracelet that would inspire me every time I looked at my wrist. I wanted the words Faith to remind me to always have faith regardless of the obstacle. The bracelet originally had two wings but I told Jenn to take off one of the wings so that I would feel more inspired to have Faith even if I only have 1 wing to fly. The final product was exactly what she said it would be, a bracelet that is ME.

To order your very own Je Suis Bracelet, visit http://www.facebook.com/JeSuisBracelets and place your order. Tell em Terry McFly sent you. Also feel free to send a tweet to @WatWldJennSay to place an order.

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