Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hot 97 Who's Next At S.O.B.s

Last night, Hot 97 held their "Who's Next" concert at S.O.B.s in NYC. There was performances from some of the music industry's most talented performers on the rise. The scheduled performers were Mr. Ivory Snow, Pure, & YG. There were also a few other acts added to keep the entertainment flowing. Sadly, the main performer of the evening YG never showed up so many of the ticketed guest left feeling sort of ripped off. The night wasn't bad at all despite his absence.

Mr.Ivory Snow had an amazing set and so did Pure. I had the chance to meet with Ivory Snow after his performance and he gave me a copy of his latest mixtape. I'm looking forward to checking it out and sharing my thoughts with all of you. Pure also had an interesting set, he brought out fellow Jersey natives Chad B & DJ Frosty.

There was also a Nicki Minaj costume contest that nobody seemed to know about except for the 1 girl dressed like Nicki Minaj LOL. The winner of the contest would receive a pair of tickets to Summer Jam 2012, which takes place this Sunday in New Jersey.I got a good laugh watching this competition, I recorded it on my phone so that you can have a good laugh too. Check out that video below:

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