Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hidden Gem: Top Shelf Premium Vintage

Last weekend while in Brooklyn, I decided to stop by the Dekalb Market for a quick meal. I found much more than I bargained for, I stumbled upon what I refer to as Hipster's paradise. There was so many amazing stores that appeal to the creative minded people. One store stood out to me the most during my visit, it was a small store that kinda looked like someone's bedroom at first glance.

 Top Shelf Premium
138 Willoughby St.
Brooklyn,NY 12011

 Once I stepped inside the store, I was amazed at all the vintage products they sold. This store was exactly what Terry McFly is about when it comes to the McFly name, A blast from the past! The products sold in this store were NOT retro, but they were actual products from the 80s & 90s which is now probably considered vintage to most. While browsing through the store I actually found a working "Original" Gameboy for sale with a few games, I was amazed as if I was a kid again playing classic titles like Tetris. I took a few photos of the merchandise in the store to share with all of you that may be interested in vintage urban apparel & sportswear. For more information on Top Shelf Premium, you can visit


  1. I need to take Alex here! He would go Berserk!!!

  2. Amazing! like a museum they should charge on entry lol
    Love these kinda places.
    Great blog!


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