Wednesday, November 17, 2010

House Of Billiam x Harvest Varsity Jacket

“The jacket uses exclusively British materials. The sleeves and body are navy blue and made from 100% British Melton wool while the detailing is in white. The ribbing is a navy, Merino wool blend with a white stripe through it, and House of Billiam had it custom-made to Harvest’s specifications. The white detailing is continued on the jet pockets, which are made from white, lamb Nappa leather.

The lining is bronze satin and was chosen to commemorate another classic piece of British design: the Brooks leather bike saddle that Harvest used when creating their own branded bike. Each jacket also features a personalized label with Harvest’s name written in by hand.

Each of the jackets is cut, sewn and stitched by hand in the UK, and also embodies the strong collaborative nature that lies at the heart of House of Billiam. The label’s website allows customer’s to order their own bespoke streetwear – giving their measurements and choosing their fabric as though ordering a suit. This retail collaboration continues that ethos by allowing the store owner to collaborate on the fabrics, colors and details for the collection to represent the store’s personality as well as that of the clothing line.”

Priced at 350 Euros, the jacket is now available from Harvest in Munich.

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