Monday, April 30, 2012

Fuerza Bruta With Guest Star Usher

Over the weekend, Usher joined the cast of Fuerza Bruta for a very special  limited performance. This was a once in a lifetime kind of thing, Usher was only a member of the cast for two shows and that was it. I had the honor of being able to attend one of the shows this weekend. Usher did an amazing job, he took over the role as the main character "Running Man". The soundtrack  of the show was remixed to play unique versions of Usher's music during his scenes. It was cool to see Usher performing all the theatrics of the off broadway show, he seemed very comfortable in the role. I tried to record video and take photos of the show but it was prohibited this time because of Usher. I did manage to sneak a few photos on my iPhone, yall know I don't listen LOL.Check out some of the photos I captured during the show, please excuse the blurriness because it's hard to FOCUS a camera when you're snapping photos in a prohibited setting.

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  1. That's hilarious that he played the Running Man! So funny! It looks like he gave a concert too? How awesome is that! Good for him for being apart of a small off-broadway show!


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