Saturday, April 7, 2012

Video: "Take Care" By Drake Feat. Rihanna

Finally the video for Drake & Rihanna's popular song from his sophomore album of the same title has been released.The video is cool but I expected more, I would've loved to see them pay homage to Gil Scott-Heron somewhere in this video, after all he did create the original version and his voice is the sample. I do however love that the video is shot in top of the line HD, check it out and feel free to posts your thoughts.


  1. It's okay... I heard Florence + Machine do a cover of this song on YouTube and since then I've thought this version is only mediocre. I suggest you give the cover a listen.

  2. I was disappointed that there wasn't a reference to Gil Scott-Heron as well. Especially since he recently passed. This is a video that will have to grow on me. Perhaps I will watch it a few more times.


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